Appropriate emergency crisis intervention for Autistic Adults

So where exactly do you take a young adult with autism who is over the age of 18,  and is beginning to display aggressive behavior, without necessarily exposing the person to a psychiatric setting/environment or involving law enforcement?

From reading many articles these past few weeks on the lack of resources available to Adult Autistic individuals and all the financial cuts for programs and services, I am gathering there are many parents who might just be in crisis mode with their adult child and do not know who or where to turn to.

Along with the lack of resources, there is also a lack of trained and knowledgeable staff when it comes to disorders such as autism, the signs and symptoms.

The U.S. seems to have a vast amount of emergency resources for children with autism that may be in crisis.  But, little is available to adults on the spectrum.

So on behalf of the parents and caretakers of Autistic individuals, the question remains.

Where  do you take an adult with autism displaying aggressive behavior, without  exposing the person to a psychiatric setting or involving law enforcement where it would add more conflict to the situation?

About Adult autism

Hi all, this blog is basically going to be about bringing awareness to the topic of adults with autism as well as sharing my and my autistic son's experiences. I hope you enjoy and learn alot along the way. Oh, and please do feel free to leave comments they are very much appreciated. :-)
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1 Response to Appropriate emergency crisis intervention for Autistic Adults

  1. M.O. says:

    You pose a very good question. Thank you for sharing this thought provoking article.

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