Hello everyone, this blog is basically going to be about bringing awareness to the topic of adults with autism as well as sharing my and my autistic son’s experiences. I hope you enjoy and learn alot along the way. Oh, and please do feel free to leave comments they are very much appreciated. 🙂

I as a parent of a young man with autism am pleased to see in recent years the increase of interest in how we can help individuals with autism. However, there still seems to be less services available for adults with autism then there are for children. And I am hoping that this will change in the very near future so that these indiviuals and thier families will recieve the best education, health care, support, awareness and advocacy they deserve in order for them to live productive lives.

Autism is a developmental disability that usually gets noticed around the first three years of a childs life. In my son’s case, he was two years old when I was first approached by a student whose major was child psychology and worked in the day care center in the college campus I attended at the time. This student having spent time with my son suggested that I have him evaluated for autism spectrum disorder.  

Adults and children with autism display behaviors that affect each and every one of them differently and in different degrees and it can effect the way they communicate and interact with others.

Here is a list of some of the signs adults and children with autism often display. Again not all individuals with autism have the same behaviors. Some may have them more then others and then there are those who may not have many of the signs at all.

Lack of response to others

May have little or no eye contact

Lack of speech

Prefers to be alone or in his/her own world

Has repetitive language and behaviors

Difficulty carrying conversation

Does not respond well to change

Lack of receiving or showing affection

Delay in speech

Sensitivity to touch or sounds

Lack of social skills

Can display self injurous behaviors

Inability to stay still for long periods of time

Lack of awareness

Fixated on particular objects, people or places

Sensitivity to people, environment or things

High interest in particular things ex: TV show, song, animal, toy, car, etc.

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